Tina understands what it means to live in fear, resentment, and insecurity along with being completely overwhelmed with life. After both the devastating passing of her mother and the loss of her romantic partner, her life began to rapidly unravel. Everything she had not worked on within herself her entire life resurfaced all at once. All the resentments, betrayals, myths, and heartbreaks that contributed to her pain needed to be shed. For over 3 years, she was at the lowest point in her life feeling lost and completely paralyzed with grief. In order to continue, she had to go on a hard journey to discover who she really was, what she truly wanted, and made it her sole mission to instill value into her life. 

When she made that pinnacle decision to turn her life around, she hired the best success coaches in the world to support her on her healing journey. Slowly she began to move forward with her life instead of being trapped in her past. During this time, she travelled the globe to learn from people of all walks of life and cultures in order to gain a greater perspective on life. She went on an arduous journey to really find Tina Sanchoo: the Tina that had confidence in her decisions, the Tina that valued her heart, the Tina that could achieve her goals, the Tina that she is today.


The turning point for Tina was when she realized her the power she had over her own life, the beautiful parts, the crappy parts, and everything in between. She owned all of her bad decisions and began to turn them all around one by one. That was the moment Tina realized she had the unstoppable power to create the life she wanted. 

When she began to see her world differently the world also began to treat her differently. Now her life is filled with love, confidence, and control over her own destiny. Her years of struggle not only strengthened her, but allowed her to become deeply successful at coaching and all of her life endeavors. It is her ability to navigate through all of the emotional and mental hurdles of healing that has has turned her clients’ lives around. 

All of her experiences in life — the hustle, the setbacks, applauses, failures, and especially the heartbreaks, has brought her to a place where giving back to humanity and making a positive difference is her life’s objective. Tina is on a mission to help people find their way to a more fulfilled and enriched life.  

life NOW

Tina has dedicated her career to helping passionate individuals eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that block them from from realizing their fullest potential. Her no-nonsense approach with her clients reaches deep inside to achieve true transformation. She works with clients to help them bring forth their greatest and highest potential and making their own positive difference in the world.  As a result, her clients maximize their potential as leaders in the world and in their communities. Her impressive roster of clientele range from from CEO’s of multi-million dollar corporations to leaders of nonprofits, Hollywood actresses to professional athletes, and even entrepreneurs from the ages of 12 - 80.  

Deepak Chopra, one of the world’s most prominent figures in the New Age movement and alternative medicine, named Tina as undoubtedly one of the most brilliant and talented coaches of her time, hailing: “Tina’s deep commitment to success is what makes her an exceptional catalyst for transformation in taking her all her clients to their next level.” In other words, she is about supporting you in creating true freedom, fulfillment, happiness, lasting change and sizzle in your life while pursuing your own destiny. 

What sets Tina apart

Tina is a high level performer and is wildly committed to her personal and professional growth.   She knows there is always a better way and is committed to finding it, studying it and refining it.  

She invests a huge amount of money, time, and energy traveling across the globe as a part of her relentless professional and personal development, bringing back new perspectives for her clients. Her training comes from an extensive pursuit of learning the art of coaching. She is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and holds certifications in Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Career Coaching, Byron Katie’s School of The Work, Women’s Empowerment Coaching, and Steve Chandler’s School of Prosperity, to name a few..

Tina has done independent research on the numerous aspects of metaphysics, self-help, and personal development ranging from A Course In Miracles, The Wisdom of Kabbalah, Kundalini Yoga, and numerous types of meditation.



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